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Adjacent lots in Avondale neighborhood

Unique opportunity for developers

Unleash your development vision with this unparalleled opportunity in Chicago's Avondale neighborhood! We proudly present 35 contiguous lots, all zoned B3, creating the perfect canvas for your ambitious project. Located in one of the city's most desirable areas, Avondale offers a vibrant community, excellent amenities, and easy access to highways. With endless possibilities for commercial, mixed-use, or residential ventures, this remarkable package is ideal for visionary investors and developers.
Preferential pricing and incredible potential await those who seize the chance to acquire this expansive land parcel as a whole. Consolidating these lots will unlock a myriad of creative possibilities for a master-planned development that will shape the future of Avondale. Embrace this rare chance to make a lasting impact on Chicago's urban landscape and secure your position as a key player in the city's growth.

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These land lots in Chicago present an exceptional opportunity for prospective buyers, as they are being offered for sale under fee simple conditions. This means that the buyers will have complete ownership and control over the property without any limitations or encumbrances, providing the utmost flexibility and potential for development, investment, or personal use.

Zoning B3 in Chicago

These lots in Chicago are zoned B3, offering an incredible advantage for buyers seeking versatile development opportunities. With B3 zoning, you can explore a wide range of commercial and mixed-use possibilities, making these lots an attractive investment choice for entrepreneurs and developers alike.

Get all 3 lots together

We are actively seeking a single buyer interested in acquiring all three lots, as this presents a unique opportunity to negotiate more favorable conditions and pricing. Consolidating the purchase will not only streamline the transaction process but also allow for more flexible terms and benefits, making it an advantageous proposition for the buyer.

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Empty lots for sale

Discover the ultimate development opportunity in Chicago's sought-after Belmont Ave area! We present 30 contiguous, vacant lots in Milwaukee-Pulaski-Belmont triangle, offering unparalleled building construction potential. This prime location provides easy access to the city's vibrant amenities, while the side-by-side configuration allows for seamless and flexible planning of your dream project. Whether you're an investor, developer, or looking to create your own signature building, this rare offering promises long-term value and endless possibilities. Don't miss your chance to be a part of the city's dynamic landscape - seize this opportunity today and reap the rewards of an iconic investment!

  • 30 Empty Lots
  • 156,000 Square Feet
  • 30 Mail Addresses
  • Car parking

Price: $6,000,000

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Milwaukee Ave lots

80,000 sq.ft. Lots

Exciting investment opportunity awaits! Discover a total of 15 vacant lots strategically located off Milwaukee Avenue, alongside two existing buildings, all up for sale. This prime real estate package offers the perfect combination of vacant land for future development and existing buildings with potential for immediate income generation or redevelopment. Whether you're an ambitious developer looking to leave your mark on this thriving area or an investor seeking a diverse portfolio, these lots and buildings promise endless potential in one of Chicago's most dynamic neighborhoods. Don't miss your chance to secure this rare gem - act now to capitalize on this outstanding offer!

  • 15 vacant lots
  • 80,000 square feet
  • 15 Mail Addresses
  • Various Lot Depths


not including fees and taxes

Belmont Ave lots

44,000 sq.ft. Lots

Unleash your development aspirations with this exceptional opportunity! Ten vacant lots located off Belmont Avenue, accompanied by two existing buildings, are now available for sale. This prime real estate package presents a promising canvas for visionary investors and developers looking to make their mark in Chicago's dynamic market.

  • 10 vacant lots
  • 42,000 square feet
  • 10 Mail Addresses
  • Same Lot Depths


not including fees and taxes

Pulaski Ave lots

32,000 sq.ft. Lots

Discover the perfect investment opportunity on Pulaski Avenue! Five vacant lots are now available for sale, presenting a prime location for potential development in this bustling area. Whether you're considering a commercial venture or residential project, these vacant lots offer a versatile and lucrative proposition in the heart of the city.

  • 5 PINs
  • 32,000 square feet
  • 5 Mail Addresses
  • Same Lot Depths


not including fees and taxes


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